Transform your playing and your confidence

A new approach to learning the blues. Develop new skills and unlock your confidence in just 30 days.

A 4-week program to boost your confidence so you'll play with ease

Are you past the beginning stage of guitar, but struggling to go further? Maybe you’ve learned open chords and a couple of bar chords … maybe you know the minor pentatonic scale and some cool licks.

But you’ve hit a wall, or maybe you’ve been at that wall for a while.

Chances are you’ve tried a few things … some theory or a course that shows you a pattern or two. But it didn’t really change your playing much, because guitar is more than just theory and patterns.

And that ends up being counter-productive, because it can erode your confidence.

The truth is, sounding good is all about confidence. And to find your confidence, you need to trust your instincts.

That’s why I’m doing the Blues Transformation Workshop. In just 4 weeks, you’ll be playing blues that comes from the heart, not just your head.

You’ll learn the real elements of blues guitar – the things that’ll build real guitar skills, not just some magic pattern.

So if you want to really level up your playing the right way, AND build confidence by learning to trust your instincts, enroll on the workshop and see progress in as little as 4 weeks.

Tailored Sessions

A 1-to-1 consultation at the start of the program to assess your current level and set your 30 day goal will help shape your own tailored sessions.

Individual Feedback

Receive individual feedback on your playing and techniques to ensure you're on the right track and see progress from day one.

Results in 4 Weeks

With clear intentional goals and your personal roadmap, you'll see progress during the 4-week program... as long as you put int he work!

This course is closed for enrollment.

Your questions answered

“Is this workshop right for me at my current level?”

If you’re beyond the beginning stages e.g. you know a load of chords and bar chords, have got to grips with the minor pentatonic scale but aren't seeing progress then this workshop is for you.

“How many students will be in the workshop?”

This is a tailored program of lessons and guidance and there’ll be opportunities to get individual feedback on your playing. For this reason, I’m keeping numbers low and will only be able to accept 10 students this time around.

“When does the workshop start?”

We’ll be getting started on Friday 20 October

“How do I access the workshop sessions?”

The sessions will be hosted on Zoom and you’ll be able to access course materials and supporting content via Mark Z’s Guitar school. Once you’re enrolled you’ll receive all the information and links you’ll need to get started with the workshop sessions.