Have you ever wanted to play the soul classics like Steve Cropper? Now you can! Here's a complete lesson with both rhythm and lead parts. Tab and backing tracks are included so you can practice easily and try out your new knowledge. This style is super-fun, so why not give it a whirl?

Hi, I’m Mark

I grew up in Detroit, USA and I've played guitar for over 45 years—and taught students for 30+ years. I've played in bands from R&B/Motown to Bluegrass to Rock. I enjoy all sorts of music, mostly how much fun it is to play and share with others.

What people are saying about Mark Z

I have tried several different guitar teachers over the past few years, and Mark is the best instructor by far. He knows how to gauge the level you’re at and assign the appropriate lesson plan to meet your goals. He is well prepared and structured and knows how to focus your efforts to get the best results. My skills have progressed more in a couple of months with Mark than they have in 6-9 months with my previous instructor.

George, CT USA

Mark Zabel has not only taken my playing but my understanding of the guitar to a whole new level! He's a fan of the blues, and can just as easily talk your ear off about triads as he could guitar gear and musicians. I've had 7 total guitar teachers in my time as a player, and Mark is the only one that has stuck. He is a kind, patient individual and meets you at your level. When I first started, I barely could name the notes on the fretboard. Mark would patiently teach me chords telling me which finger goes on which fret number. However, with his lessons I'm growing not only as a player, but as a musician! We now talk our way around the fretboard in terms of notes and chords! For example, find C#, or play an A minor triad 3 times along the fretboard; all thanks to him! Mark goes the extra mile, and is able to not only challenge me as a musician, but foster a confidence and security in my perception of myself that I often have trouble seeing for myself. I found Mark through his YouTube videos, and am incredibly thankful to be his student. I look forward to our lessons every week, and I can't recommend him highly enough. If you've been struggling to find a patient, and an all-around great instructor to connect with and take your playing to a new level, look no further!

Daniel, CA USA

You have a gift. The perfect combination of:

1. The understanding of music - both theory and the talent to apply it.

2. The gift of how to teach.

3. The patience to communicate the building blocks and not just showcase the final product.

4. Remaining humble.

Phil M.

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