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“Play me a song”, she says.

Your friends are always asking. They know you play guitar and want to hear you play a few songs. They gather on the couch and wait for you to begin but what can you play for them? Sure, you've practiced chords and a few scale exercises but what can you actually play right now to entertain your friends?

“Er, but I only play riffs”

Suddenly you come to the embarrassing realization that despite learning guitar for a few years, you've got nothing to play. You only know the beginning of songs or a few cool riffs but haven't yet learnt to play a whole song through. It's kind of awkward. Are you really going to play them some open chords with different strumming patterns?

Have something to play them

Your friends don't want to listen to the chord and scale exercises you practice over and over again, they want to hear songs they know and love, and can sing along to.
Learning full songs means you get to apply all you've learned so far in a real life musical situation. By doing this you not only improve your repertoire but also get a deeper understanding of the compositional elements, the techniques, tone, and theory used by some of the master songwriters and legendary guitar players.

6 great songs with all the learning resources in one place

It’s nice to actually be able to play something when someone asks instead of just showing a bunch of chords. But the stuff you need to learn is usually scattered all over the internet. Finding the good quality tab, a video tutorial, a decent backing track, advice on getting the same sound and an explanation of the theory usually means trawling through at least 6 different websites. But not now! You get access to all of this here.

From simple to intermediate level

These songs have been chosen for their popularity and to cater to a range of skill levels – there's something for everyone. And even if a few of these are too tricky for you right now you can circle back to them in 6 months because you get lifetime access to this course.

Get in-depth tutorials on how to play:

Evil WaysSantana

Funk #49Joe Walsh/James Gang

Up Around the BendCreedence Clearwater Revival

All Right NowFree

Mississippi QueenMountain

Let it Be (solos) – The Beatles

What you get inside

38 instructional videos taking you though each classic song section note-by-note
Full downloadable tab transcriptions in .pdf format
Guidance on how to get the sound and discussion of the gear used by the original artist
Professionally recorded backing tracks so you can play along
Discussion of the theory behind the music

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Launch offer ends in…

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Video Closeup
In depth up-close video instruction

Each section of the song is broken down into bite-sized pieces so you learn more easily.

Tab transcription
Full downloadable tab transcriptions

Each song comes with high quality tab transcribed by your instructors detailing each section of the song.

Santana at Woodstock
High quality backing tracks

Downloadable professionally recorded backing tracks means you can practice and play along.

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Quit hunting for the all the pieces

Learning a song usually means you need to scour the internet for 5 or 6 learning resources but in Rock Guitar 1970 you get everything together in one place.

When you try to learn a song
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38 video tutorials guide you through learning the songs

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  Up Around the Bend - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Funk 49 - Joe Walsh/James Gang
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Let It Be - The Beatles
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Alright Now - Free
Available in days
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  Mississippi Queen - Mountain
Available in days
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  Evil Ways - Santana
Available in days
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  Guitar Hits from 1970, volume 1 - Conclusion
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Hi, I’m Mark.

I grew up in Detroit, USA and I've played guitar for over 45 years - and taught students for 30 of them. I've played in bands from R&B/Motown to Bluegrass to Rock. I enjoy all sorts of music, mostly how much fun it is to play and share with others. Now I get to work with Phil, a cat 1/2 way around the world from me. How cool is that?

Phil on stage

Hi, I’m Phil from 15 Minute Guitar Practice

I've taught guitar for 26 years and I play in a touring Jimi Hendrix Tribute Show. I grew up in the UK and I love blues, rock, metal, funk, soul and jazz. In fact they're isn't much I don't like – but I draw the line at jazz fusion. Mark and I thought this would be a great project to collaborate on, so we did just that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access to this course?
There is no expiry on your course access, you get full and immediate lifetime access.

Some of these songs seem above my current level of ability
The course teaches songs for a range of skill levels. If you don't feel confident that you can play all of them right now, don't worry – you have lifetime access so you can come back in 3–6 months or even in a year when your skills are improved to tackle the ones that challenge you.

What if I get stuck or confused and need to ask for help?
There are several ways to get help: Reach out via email, comment directly below the lessons or post to the Rock Guitar 1970 student Facebook community. The last two are preferable as other students who may have the same question/issue as you can view the answers when we reply.

Will there be a Rock Guitar Volume 2?
Volume 2 is in the planning stage but are waiting to see how this course is received. Be sure to give your feedback when you complete the course so we can make our next course even better.

Why only 6 songs?
We think it provides a manageable number for focused in-depth teaching while avoiding having so many songs that students don't have the time to learn all of them.

Where are the bonuses?
The bonuses are only available during launch week, if you don't see them here you've missed them.

What if I decide the course is not for me?
If you don't make confident progress from our detailed tuition and support within 30 days then email Mark: [email protected] and your money will be refunded.

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  8. All winners will be notified via email by Thurs March 26, 2020.